MIGHTY LOVE FOOD is a quick service restaurant company dedicated to making plant-based meals with high nutritional value and great taste, creatively prepared. Sounds cliché but we speak the truth! If it's healthy, it's game on. 


Educating our guests is very important to us. We care about educating everyone, including our staff, about nutrition on a deeper level. For all of you health & fitness aficionados we promise to expand your knowledge on our upcoming blog!



At MLFOOD we care deeply about the environment which is why 75% of the items delivered to the restaurant are compostable & 23% are recyclable. We compost, we hug trees, and talk to our houseplants (well one of us does anyway!)  Remember though... compostable packaging can only compost if it goes into a physical compost, not a thick plastic bag. Be a part of the whole process, not just a part of the part. 

Chef Jerome has a pretty killer compost pile at home, host to some very impressive worms. He will continue to cultivate it with vegetable scraps from the restaurant. Mighty Love Food sends its compost to Wright-Locke Farm in Winchester & Hill Farm in Saugus, where the fields are green, the living is easy, and some of the produce makes its way back as organic goodness.


Who's in the band? We are
a small group of driven entrepreneurs from the culinary and design worlds who have collaborated to put the Mighty Love Food concept together. Our interests include: eating (obviously), being nice, adopting pets, wearing cool shoes, reading, having cute kids, listening to good music, smiling and saying hello, please, & thank you, running road races, taking risks, enjoying art, joining CSA's, supporting local farms, cycling, listening to NPR, and being good people. 



Hunting high and low for flavorful, nutrient-packed ingredients you won't find (almost) anywhere else is what we do. What the health is Irish Moss Gel? Maqui? Jal Feeze? Curious about what makes these dynamic goodies good for you? Chef Jerome Picca likes to dive deep into the oceans and rivers of nutritional information and pass it along like a well presented thesis project. Trust us......your head will spin, and your body will love every minute of it. (He's such a Gastro-geek!)



Our kitchen makes almost everything from scratch except roasting the coffee beans, growing the vegetables, & harvesting the grains. Why? Because it makes a flippin' difference! Our kimchee? Made in house. Chai? Ditto. Pickles? You guessed it, from scratch. You get the picture.